Guest Preachers Guest Preachers Dr. James Lince Bro. Lince preached our first meeting in our new building. 98680826 Tim & Karen Wilson Bro. Wilson pastors a church in Rickman Tennessee 98680822 Pastor Friesen & Pastor Wilson 98680821 Pastor & Mrs. Sherrouse Bro. Sherrouse Pastors a church in Fort Smith Arkansas 98680828 The Sherrouse Family 98680820 The Swenke Family Bro. Swenke pastors a church in Texas 98680823 Evangelist Walt Ziglar 98680824 Pastor Ron Ralph Pastor Ralph signing the bible of one of our youth 98680825 Bro & Mrs Cameron 98680827 Pastor Friesen & Pastor Dilbert Terry Bro. Dilbert Terry pastors Trinity Baptist Church in Helenwood TN 98680829 Bro. Brian Donovan Bro. Donovan is the Associate Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola Florida 98680830 Evangelist Earl Hughes 98680831 Pastor & Mrs Chandler with their granddaughter Bro. Chandler pastors Arbana Baptist Church in Mt. Home Arkansas 98680832 Pastor Kyle Stevens Bro. Stevens pastors a church in Coon Rapids Minnesota 98680833 Some men of our church with Bro. Ziglar 98680834